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ABCD Innovation Center

Member profile title: ABCD Innovation Center
Category: EducationEducation
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Address: Yerevan, Yerevan, 6a Artsakh Ave
Contact person: Picture of Vahe DarbinyanVahe Darbinyan
ABCD Innovation Center is a non-profit organization which works with an approach that catalyzes change and development based on utilizing the existing gifts and capacities of young people and their communities. The ABCD Innovation Center discourages development brought in from an outside source, but rather energizes change and development from within. For truly sustainable development, it’s important to focus on a community’s strengths versus solely its needs. The important factor is finding the area where local assets meet local needs. MAIN PRINCIPLES: • We recognize that communities have knowledge, skills, and practices that are effective and valuable. We are not about “fixing” communities. We unleash their potential and encourage full and active community engagement. • We strive to create a place at the table for communities, but this is only one way we seek equity. • The benefits to partnering with the ABCD Innovation Center are mutual and shared. With access to more resources and one another, youth, adults, organizations, and communities generate power to fuel their own social justice work, youth development, and youth civic engagement. We channel new knowledge and innovations into community organizations; and through working with these organizations, we learn new ways to strengthen the field of community developmentABCD Innovation Center considers entrepreneurship as one of the key ways to invest in youth development, as it pursues our philosophy. Mastering the theoretical knowledge (most of our staff members have degrees in business management and economics), we decided to turn it to the practice. We have started from development training courses about entrepreneurship, marketing and finance with the cooperation of Yerevan State University and French University in Armenia. Later on, considering the great interest of our beneficiaries we focused on social entrepreneurship. Providing a floor for young people, mostly from rural communities and families with fewer opportunities, we started “Discover yourself with ABCD” event series, during which our volunteers present themselves, their strong points and how they can be involved and implement their practical knowledge in community development. Later on they are being provided with the necessary support and contacts to organize their small scaled projects. It has big impact in local young people, empowering them to become more active citizens in Armenia and take part in the decision making processes in their communities. We have organized various trainings, workshops, meeting to discover the hidden issues in using formal and non formal education methods in practice for ensuring financial literacy, establishing cooperation in local , national and international levels. Our target group are mainly young people from high schools of rural areas, who have less access to financial sources and fewer opportunities to establish their own business. We've launched "ABCD finance" project , which is a series of competition with the topic of personal finance management.The target group were high school students. At the same time we have close cooperation with the Economic Faculties in Yerevan based universities, where we organize study visits, seminars, workshops, intellectual games. We have close cooperation with EU, USAID, UN and World Vision. We also have huge experience in dealing with young people from different cultures and countries together in the frame of Erasmus+ projects. We would like to be involved as not only a partner to send participants, but a partner who supports the successful realisation and implementation of the project. Our strong interest and experience can be used to create workshops both in the frame of the projects and after it. Our close cooperation with local and international NGOs and public bodies will be a great way to ensure the dissemination of the project. Our representatives will use the power of multiplying and deliver the message of the project as an insider. We have experience of developing guidelines and can prepare practical handbook to highlight the sustainability of the project. On the other hand our social media tools will be used as well. We are always ready to support youth related projects with the help of our staff and volunteers. ABCD Innovation Center's staff has a huge experience in managing small and large scale youth projects financed by EU, USAID, CoE etc.
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