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Member profile title: AbdelHakim KHAMMASSI
Role(s) in Skillman Network: No RoleNo Role
Membership: Person, Gold
Address: Ben Arous, El Mourouj, 47 Avenue de Paris
Contact person: Picture of Abdelhakim khammassiAbdelhakim khammassi
I am an aeronautic engineer, I work as a manager director in private institution in Tunisia which named ATDAS as an accredited organization under the European Solidarity Corp and ERASMUS, my goals towards the community is to improve and develop skills of youths in many fields. Also, i am commited to promote the SDG ( Sustainable Development Goals) through my mission in the CS ( Civil Society) because I have the Faith to " serve humanity  before serving...".
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Mobility options: None
TVET (Technical Vocational Education and Training): No
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