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Adi Miftah

Member profile title: Adi Miftah
Role(s) in Skillman Network: International ExpertInternational Expert
Membership: Person, Gold
Address: Bayraklı, İzmir, 259. Sokak, 34
Contact person: Picture of Adi MiftahAdi Miftah

My role is linked to TVET because  I have been getting involved in global conferences that aim to develop and enrich problem-solving in the education sectors and at this opportunity I would like to get involved in e-recognition of the value of global networking for collaboration and knowledge exchange, as well as emerging trends in skills development, particularly concerning green and digital transitions. co-designing the future of education.
I am interested in the following sectors: Education
I would like to receive information about Erasmus+ projects in the field
of sport.
I am keen to learn more about gender discrimination in education and

Roster DB information
Mobility options: None
TVET (Technical Vocational Education and Training): Yes
Languages spoken: Arabic for Workplace / بالعربي workplace ‎(ar_wp)‎, English ‎(en)‎, Indonesian / Bahasa Indonesia ‎(id)‎, Turkish / Türkçe ‎(tr)‎

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