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Agencia Interncional Newproject

Member profile title: Agencia Interncional Newproject
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Address: Cádiz, Cádiz, Cádiz
Contact person: Picture of Rafael CandónRafael Candón
We work applying innovation criteria and new ways of conceiving and dealing with social difficulties. We are specialists in social innovation. We have developed a Network of companies and social entities that participate and cooperatively develop economically sustainable social impact projects. We project ourselves internationally with participation in European projects, in collaboration with national and international entities; generating synergies of joint work and being at the forefront in professional interventions. Newproject International Agency is a non-profit organization that has carried out a total redesign of its organization making it participatory, open, authentic, global, decentralized, collective and effective, through social media. An entity whose mission is to develop social innovation and to involve other social and business entities in the transformation to the model of change centered on the person.   From the union of leaders in the social and business fields, the International Platform for Social Innovation is born as a virtual space that promotes the "socialization of innovation", which generates a culture and values to address social challenges. A social impact network that provides a foundation for collaborations driven by a shared purpose.   This platform is formed by a network of dreamers who have their feet on the ground. We know where we want to go and in this ecosystem of opportunities we generate the conditions to facilitate the how. Here are the steps you need to reach your dream and develop an innovation project that improves people's quality of life.   A human and professional ecosystem of cooperative work between companies and social entities, as it has never been created before, in a framework of mutual trust. With a pragmatic vision of the commitment to social innovation, we aim to provide knowledge and tools to produce changes in a given context, where companies achieve their economic objectives and social entities develop their social proposals in a sustainable way.
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