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Skillman Network Roles


Being appointed as a member of the Skillman International Board signifies recognition of exceptional qualifications and unwavering dedication to shared objectives. 

The role encompasses several key responsibilities:

1. Strategic Discussions and Decision-Making:

Active participation in shaping the network's growth through engaging in strategic discussions and decision-making processes. Valuable insights contribute to the identification of general policies and long-term plans.

2. Posts/Articles Publication:

Contributing posts or articles aligned with network objectives for publication on Skillman's website and relevant platforms. Sharing insights, best practices, and knowledge enhances network visibility and fosters knowledge exchange.

3. Participation in Online Meetings:

Mandatory active participation in a minimum of two online meetings per year. These meetings facilitate collaboration, discussion, and decision-making among Board Members and network participants, promoting effective coordination.

4. Organization and Leadership of Webinars:

Co-organizing and co-leading Skillman webinars on relevant topics. Informative webinars contribute to professional development and knowledge exchange within the network, fostering growth and engagement.

5. Contribution to the Annual Conference, SIF - Skillman International Forum:

Active involvement in organising and participating in the annual conference. By sharing expertise and insights, networking opportunities and knowledge-sharing within the network are strengthened.

6. Leadership of Project Proposals:

Guiding network project proposals to engage Skillman members. Effective coordination and guidance in project implementation ensure collaborative participation among organisations involved.

Appointment to the Skillman International Board is voluntary and non-remunerative. It spans a four-year term, subject to renewal. Board Members are instrumental in advancing the Skillman Network's objectives and are recognized for their valuable contributions.