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Skillman Network Roles


Skillman International Experts play a crucial role in providing consultation services and expertise to various prestigious organisations. These experts, who are members listed in the Skillman Roster database, offer their specialised knowledge and insights in their respective areas of expertise. 

Their functions include:

1. Consultation Services:

Skillman International Experts are sought after for their expertise and are invited to participate in consultations organised by renowned institutions. They provide valuable insights, advice, and recommendations related to education, skills development, and other relevant fields.

2. Collaboration with International Organizations:

International Experts collaborate with organisations such as the European Commission, UNESCO, ADB, and other relevant bodies on projects, initiatives, and policy development. They contribute their expertise to shape strategies, programs, and frameworks at the international level.

3. Database Inclusion:

International Experts are included in the Skillman Roster database, which serves as a valuable resource for organisations seeking experts in specific areas. By being part of the database, experts gain visibility and recognition for their knowledge and skills.

4. Skillman Participant Portal:

International Experts utilise the Skillman Participant Portal, specifically the Roster database tool, to showcase their expertise and allow organisations to search and connect with them. They maintain accurate and up-to-date information in the database, ensuring their profiles accurately reflect their areas of expertise.

5. Valorization of Expertise:

Being part of the Skillman Roster database allows International Experts to be recognized and valued for their specialised knowledge. They have the opportunity to contribute to important discussions, initiatives, and projects that have a significant impact on the field of education and skills development.

6. Knowledge Exchange and Networking:

International Experts engage in knowledge exchange and networking with other experts, practitioners, and stakeholders in the Skillman Network and beyond. They participate in conferences, webinars, and other events to share their expertise, learn from others, and build collaborative relationships.

Skillman International Experts make substantial contributions to the field of education and skills development through their involvement in consultations, collaboration with international organisations, and active participation in the Skillman Network. Their expertise, combined with their commitment to advancing the field, plays a vital role in shaping policies, programs, and initiatives that have a positive impact on education and skills worldwide.