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    Lessons hours: 7

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    • Safety implications and functions of industrial robotics

      The learner will be able to describe the safety implications and functions of industrial robotics, and be able to show how it integrates within a production process


      • Describe H&S aspects of industrial robots.
      • Describe the generic structure and functions of an industrial robot.
      • Describe the technology used in a chosen manufacturer’s equipment.
      • Explain how industrial robots are integrated into production cells/lines.
      • Demonstrate competently operate of an industrial robot.
      • Apply the applications of industrial robots.


      • To understand the risks associated with industrial robots
      • To possess a knowledge of the structure and function of a robot system
      • To gain knowledge of robot use and industrial applications


      • Demonstrate adherence to H&S requirements for industrial robots
      • Competently operate an industrial robot

      • Assessment methods

        As specified by the Awarding organization, assessment is by ‘Centre Set Assessment’ which should use a combination of the following methods:

        • Written exercises and tests
        • Oral examination and exercises
        • Practical assignment under supervision
        • Practical assignment autonomously and responsibly

        • Assessment criteria

          Timing as set out in the Assessment Plan. This plan should be established by the centre prior to the commencement of delivery