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Sector Skills Alliance for Advanced Manufacturing in the Transport Sector

Welcome to the E-Learn SKILLMAN platform

This platform enables educational providers with curricula, certifications, job requirements and Open Educational Resources or link to external sources.

The platform allows to navigate through three different pathways:

  • curricula
  • Job roles
  • certifications

The core content of the platform is represented by the UOL - Units of Learning that are combined to compose a curricula, a job role or a certification.

The e-Learning is structured reflecting the modular approach adopted by the joint European curricula allowing the educational providers to define Individual Learning Plans, defining individual tasks and assignments and monitoring in real time the attainment of learning outcomes. You can access to this platform both via web as well as via mobile.

Each Unit of Learning belongs to one or more groups (Job roles, curricula, certifications) and can be also combined to further create new groups in the existing three categories. 

Representation of Unit of Learning mapping system in the Skillman e-learning platform:

three groups system

The Alliance maintainS an on-going interaction and cooperation with ESCO Sectoral and Cross-Sectoral Reference Groups, providing feedback and information on skills, competencies, qualifications and occupations in Advanced Manufacturing for the Transport Sector. The delivery of educational programmes is based upon the reference framework promoted by EQAVET, its procedures and the 10 indicators for monitoring the quality and impact of TVET programmes. The Alliance is committed to cooperate and support the EQAVET working groups by embedding the Quality Assurance approach in line with the proposed requirement of EQAVET Label.

The use of the pedagogical resources is free. Any content can be copied and modified mentioning the source. 


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    A unit of learning is a component of a qualification, consisting of one or more learning outcomes declined in a coherent set of knowledge, skills and competences, that can be assessed and validated.

    The holistic approach to the design of the learning environment is an aspect to be underlined. This approach  is related to the characteristics of the training materials provided but also to the organisation of the e-learning structure and it is better understandable analysing the design of the Alliance's e-learning platform, based on Moodle.

    The design of the platform aims to represent three different ways to access to the same e-learning resources through different interactive visual maps able to express the view of the industry partners, of the accreditation bodies and the view of the TVET providers.

    The aim of this model is to have three kinds of conceptual maps that links dynamically the e-learning resources under three different pathways adopted to read the same training needs. The three pathways correspond to the three shapes of the Alliance's members: 

    • the industry partners are concerned in mapping the missing job roles; 
    • the TVET providers define the training programmes and units and 
    • the certification bodies looks at the classification of the accreditations as a way to organize the educational pathways.

    Finally, all the different interactive maps, starting from three different representations, link the learners to the same e-learning resources[1]. The above picture synthesise the three virtual maps of job roles, curriculum and certifications and the unique 'Units of Learning' present in the platform that can be linked multiple times in all the three different maps.


    [1] This approach, inspired to an holistic view of education, has been presented for the first time by Mr Crisonà at the launching conference of Skillman Alliance in the FCA - FIAT research Centre in Turin, Italy in 2015

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    this is a category aimed to contain guidelines for teachers

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    In this category the skillman community manage its activities and projects