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Skillman Network Roles


The role of an Area Coordinator in the Skillman Network is essential for fostering engagement and collaboration within specific geographical or sectoral areas. Area Coordinators are dedicated members who take the initiative to organize, stimulate, and coordinate various activities within their assigned areas.

Their primary responsibilities include:

1. Organizing Conferences and Events:

Area Coordinators play a vital role in organizing conferences, seminars, workshops, and other relevant events within their designated area. These events provide valuable platforms for knowledge exchange, networking, and showcasing best practices in the field.

2. Stimulating Engagement:

Area Coordinators actively stimulate engagement and participation among network members within their area. They encourage collaboration, facilitate discussions, and create opportunities for sharing expertise, experiences, and innovative approaches.

3. Coordinating Project Proposals:

Area Coordinators lead and coordinate the development of project proposals within their area. They identify relevant funding opportunities, collaborate with members to conceptualize projects, and guide the proposal development process. Their coordination ensures effective collaboration and maximizes the chances of securing project funding.

4. Facilitating Knowledge-Sharing:

Area Coordinators contribute to the network's knowledge-sharing efforts by encouraging members within their area to contribute posts, articles, and publications. They provide guidance and support to members in sharing their insights, best practices, and research findings through various publishing platforms.

5. Supporting Collaboration:

Area Coordinators act as facilitators for collaboration among network members within their area. They connect members, foster partnerships, and encourage joint initiatives and projects that contribute to the overall objectives of the Skillman Network.

6. Providing Feedback and Reporting:

Area Coordinators regularly provide feedback to the Skillman International Board on the activities, needs, and progress within their assigned area. They report on the outcomes of conferences, events, and project activities, helping to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of initiatives.

By actively engaging and coordinating activities within their specific geographical or sectoral areas, Area Coordinators play a crucial role in animating the Skillman Network. Their dedication and efforts contribute to the network's growth, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing, ultimately strengthening the collective impact of the network in the field of education and skills development.