Topic outline

  • Introduction to Simulation Engineering

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    Lessons hours: 20

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    • Simulation software

      Learners will be able to model a production process using simulation software


      • Compare and contrast simulation with real-world process development – describe the advantages and disadvantages of each methodology.
      • Demonstrate FMEA techniques relating to automation processes
      • Use a chosen simulation system, make modifications to a production cell model to meet a revised specification.
      • Use a chosen simulation system, model a simple production cell from given data.


      • To understand the philosophy of simulation engineering
      • To understand the expectation and reality of simulation engineering
      • To understand the different software packages available
      • To understand the sequence of operation and product lifecycle management


      • Demonstrate use of computers and software systems
      • To demonstrate coding techniques
      • To demonstrate spatial awareness
      • To demonstrate process optimisation skills and develop new strategies
      • To demonstrate different visualisation techniques.

      • Simulation software - Assessment methods

        As specified by the Awarding organization, assessment is by ‘Centre Set Assessment’ which should use a combination of the following methods:

        • Written exercises and tests
        • Oral examination and exercises
        • Practical assignment under supervision
        • Practical assignment autonomously and responsibly