Topic outline

  • Duration




    Lessons hours: 15

    Self-study hours: 5

    Hands-on hours: 5

    Other (please specify):

    Assessment hours: 5

    • Problem Management


      • Identifies and resolves the root cause of incidents.
      • Takes a proactive approach to avoidance or identification of root cause of ICT problems.
      • Deploys a knowledge system based on recurrence of common errors.
      • Resolves or escalates incidents.
      • Optimises system or component performance.


      • The organisation's overall ICT infrastructure and key components
      • The organisation's reporting procedures
      • The organisation's critical situation escalation procedures
      • The application and availability of diagnostic tools
      • The link between system infrastructure elements and impact of failure on related business processes


      • Allocate appropriate resources to maintenance activities, balancing cost and risk

    • Assessment methods

      As specified by the Awarding organization, assessment is by ‘Centre Set Assessment’ which should use a combination of the following methods:

      • Written exercises and tests
      • Oral examination and exercises
      • Practical assignment under supervision
      • Practical assignment autonomously and responsibly

      • Assessment criteria

        In designing their tests the teachers are suggested to set at least one  ‘Performance-based’ assessment.
        Learners, in this unit, could have to be evaluated through the identification of proper root failure detection according to the previous learning unit deployment.
        According to the case study developed in the previous unit learning, learners will analyze, by the adoption of the available technical documentation, the right system running.
        In particular, they will detect any potential diagnosis system or procedure to be actuated in order to control and monitor the system.
        They will identify any kind of malfunction roots (on software, hardware, sensors, …model) potentially occurring in the system, and for each of them they will identify the right procedure to avoid or recover the error.