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  • Managing ICT solutions

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    Lessons hours: 15

    Self-study hours: 10

    Hands-on hours: 5

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    Assessment hours: 5

    • Risk Management


      • Implements the management of risk across information systems through the application of the enterprise defined risk management policy and procedure.
      • Assesses risk to the organisation's business, including web, cloud and mobile resources.
      • Documents potential risk and containment plans.


      • Apply risk analysis taking into account corporate values and interests
      • The return on investment compared to risk avoidance
      • Good practices (methodologies) and standards in risk analysis


      • Apply mitigation and contingency actions

    • Process Improvement


      • Measures effectiveness of existing ICT processes.
      • Researches and benchmarks ICT process design from a variety of sources.
      • Follows a systematic methodology to evaluate, design and implement process or technology changes for measurable business benefit.
      • Assesses potential adverse consequences of process change


      • Research methods, benchmarks and measurements methods
      • Evaluation, design and implementation methodologies
      • Existing internal processes
      • Relevant developments in ICT (e.g. virtualisation, open data, etc.), and the potential impact on processes
      • Web, cloud and mobile technologies
      • Resource optimisation and waste reduction


      • Compose, document and catalogue essential processes and procedures
      • Propose process changes to facilitate and rationalise improvements 

      • Implement process changes