Topic outline

  • Maintenance Support Activities for Automation

    This unit of learning is part of the following learning pathways:

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    Lessons hours: 20

    Self-study hours:

    Hands-on hours:

    Other (please specify):

    Assessment hours: set by the centre

    • Maintenance Support Activities

      The student will be able to demonstrate knowledge of maintenance support activities related to electrical and mechanical automation systems


      • Competent in the diagnosis of faults-on industrial automation and robots.


      • Explain how devise a generic, logical process for identifying faults.
      • Explain fault diagnosis methods
      • Describe how to select suitable data-capture methods to aid in fault diagnosis and rectification, where the automation system itself does not provide such a function
      • Describe how progressive failure of equipment may lead to increased energy usage


      • Identify specific fault-finding techniques applicable to particular manufacturers / models of equipment.
      • Identify a series of fault conditions using a particular make/ model of robot.
      • Put the robot into a safe condition for maintenance, undertaking the correct action and restorative techniques.
      • Interpret  machine error logs to aid fault-diagnosis.

      • Assessment methods

        As specified by the Awarding organization, assessment is by ‘Centre Set Assessment’ which should use a combination of the following methods:

        • Written exercises and tests
        • Oral examination and exercises
        • Practical assignment under supervision
        • Practical assignment autonomously and responsibly

        • Assessment criteria

          Timing as set out in the Assessment Plan. This plan should be established by the centre prior to the commencement of delivery