Topic outline

  • Advanced Composite repair technician | 84 hours

    Advanced Composite repair technician


    Curriculum on Advanced Composite Repair Technician EQF-5

    • This is general curriculum has been developed to identify the required knowledge and skills of a composite structure repair for level EQF-5.
    • The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of technician in the field of composite repair.
    • The training program is a short training course type.
    • This training are aimed at improving and updating the knowledge and skills of the students/trainee in the field of composite repair.

    • Qualification

      Advanced Composite Repair Techinician
      Description:  Inspects, and work with developing of repair solution of damaged composite structures based on approved engineering process requirements using hand and power tools, specialized equipment and materials.

      • Pre-requisites

        • For aviation sector: Personnel with aircraft maintenance that holds a "B1" license and an experience period in the area of structure repair.

        • For general trainees: Skilled structural repair technician with completion training level 4 and has experience period in the area of composite repairs.

        • Prior composite materials experience or training equivalent should be considered. Evaluation of prior education can be accomplished by examination of school transcripts, and/or by review of the training received through approved training providers.

        • Training duration

          The training curriculum is divided into 4 units

          Training duration: about 84 hours during 12.5 days

          Total hours:  about 84 hours

          • Classroom hours:  33,25 hours
          • Practical hours:     48,5 hours
          • Assessment hours:  2.25 hours

          • ASSESSMENT

            Total assessment duration: 2,25 hours.

            • Unit-1 assessment 15 minutes
            • Unit-2 assessment:  30 minutes
            • Unit-3 assessment:  30 minutes
            • Unit-4 assessment:  60 minutes

            Final assessment:  A final assessment is a sum of 4 units assessment

            The assessment may be an open-book test consisting of questions that cover the knowledge of composite repair methods, materials, and procedures, and take in consideration the specific composite structures application.

            Grading: Trainee must have at least a 75 % overall average to pass the course.