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The Agency for the Support of Civil Society

Member profile title: The Agency for the Support of Civil Society
Category: EducationEducation
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Address: Tirana County, Tirana, Inxhinieria e Ndertimit
Contact person: Picture of Andi KananajAndi Kananaj
The Agency for the Support of Civil Society (ASCS) was established on the basis of Law No. 10093, dated 09.03.2009 and has the following mission and objectives: The encouragement, through financial assistance, of a sustainable development of civil society and the creation of favorable conditions for civil initiatives to the benefit of public, in conformity with Article 4 of the Law and with the priorities and strategies of the Government Program according to respective fields. The Objectives of the ASCS are as follows: The encouragement of cooperation with NGOs which have as their work object, the monitoring of the fight against corruption, fight against trafficking in human beings and treatment of its victims, against violence in the family and against violence towards children; The encouragement of citizens in activities, their inclusion and participation for the development of the community; The creation and consolidation of capabilities of the civil society; The development of inter sectoral cooperation and of cooperation between the organizations of civil society; The increase of public influence and activity of the organizations of civil society; The development of social undertaking and employment in the non profitable sector; The increase of the influence of civil society in the processes of drafting and approval of public policies.
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