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aksaray hazm kulak anadolu lisesi

Member profile title: aksaray hazm kulak anadolu lisesi
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Address: Central Anatolia, Aksaray, Büyük Bölcek Mah.
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Secondary school with students aged 14-18. The school is located ınAksaray, Middle Anatiola region., a city of about 150 inhabitants.Students coming to our school are usually quite motivated.It is important,anyway to motivate them with different kinds of projects and activities.The school consist of an educational building with the capacity of 660 students and 24 classrooms with Smart boards and net connection in each classroom, a teachers’ room and a conference hall. English and German are taught as second language in each class.The students take part in many cultural and sports activities.The school administration pays high attention to research and production of knowledge and also works for the students to have a clear aspect of the world and Europe.The school also has the vision necessary to keep up with the sight of European society and the innovations to expand to Europe. It has a canteen and sports facilities. In our school, many clubs,such as Sports Club, Solidarity Club, Tourism Club,Philosophy Club and Language Club, work actively and offers numerous opportunities for students. Our school is interested in taking part in an Erasmus K2 programme.Since they have participated in a commenius Project 1 year ago they have experience. L ast year we also prepared a Project with Spain, Italyl, Romania ,England and Poland about Protecting nature and sustainability . Our school visit students who belong to a middle socioeconomic status to a large proportion. These students must perform before entering the school a check, which is organized by the state. Only students who pass this exam can be admitted to school. We teach two foreign languages (English and German). In the project, we would like our students the opportunity to get to know the culture, lifestyle and the school system in other European countries and compare their own culture. The aim is thus the bridge between the European and Turkish youth build and promote communication between young people.
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