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Augmented Training Services - ATS

Member profile title: Augmented Training Services - ATS
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Address: Huelva, Huelva, Calle Dr. Emilio Haya Prats
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Seabery Augmented Technology is a global tech company pioneering the development of Augmented Reality (AR) edtech solutions applied to skills training. We lead the development of R&D projects focused on the application of Augmented Reality to education and skills training of professionals, providing new possibilities and best results for our partners and customers. - Development of self-designed Augmented Reality (AR) technologies - Design of solutions and apps running this AR technologies -Development of Edtech customized methodology powered with AR Augmented Training is the educational division of the Seabery group and is formed by a team of skilled professionals in education and technology. More than 400 companies, governments and institutions from 45 countries around the world apply Augmented Training methodology in their centres for the training of students and workers.
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