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BIBA Venture Partners

Member profile title: BIBA Venture Partners
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Address: Barcelona, Barcelona, AV. Diagonal 468
Contact person: Picture of Alberto RattiAlberto Ratti
BIBA was created in 2015 with offices in Barcelona, Lisbon and Milan. We apply methods of open innovation to design collaborative strategies between corporates and innovative startups Our mission is to help corporations shift into an agile, user-led, digital based organization model by understanding, exploring and acquiring new approaches to innovation. To achieve a successful relationship, we have developed an international ecosystem, a step-by-step methodology and a set of specific tools to help organizations incorporate innovation and achieve higher speed of execution. Our service portfolio includes: Exploring: organizational, business, technology, market trends analysis & corporate needs assessment Discovery: Technology scouting; startups eco-system mapping; top startups reports. Execution: design of innovation collaborative programs (open challenges; projects curation) and execution of corporate venturing formats (accelerators; venture builders; startup studio; CVC funds; etc..) Measuring: KPIs set-up & roll out; collaboration models; contracts & business agreements; integration & follow on management.
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