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Business Works Collective

Member profile title: Business Works Collective
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Address: St. Andrew Parish, Kingston, 11
CEFE Caribbean is the TVET training member of The Business Works Collective - a private enterprise domiciled in Kingston, Jamaica and Guyana --the Caribbean. Founded in 1996 as a boutique management consulting firm with micro and small business development on its mind, the firm is now devoted to service of developing states for private sector development. We believe that viable, decent employment of our abilities is an inalienable human right which must be embraced and fostered by public policy, It is our right to find ourselves attracted to a skill with vigorous opportunities for these skills to become expertise; we believe in the right to choose to excel and have excelled at designing, implementing and monitoring entrepreneurship and business management interventions in collaboration with various private, public and not-for-profit entities. CEFE uses competency-based exercises to create memorable experiences and lessons for participants of entrepreneurship and business workshops. The Business Works Collective mantra is that each vocational-trained individual immediately begins the entrepreneurial journey.
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