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CEO/Founder GlobalCfoLLC

Member profile title: CEO/Founder GlobalCfoLLC
Category: EducationEducation
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Address: Massachusetts, Waltham, 738 Main St
United States
Contact person: Picture of Peter WelchPeter Welch
Peter Welch is the CEO/Founder of GlobalCfoLLC and is an expert at developing entrepreneurs, and training in the 18-24s and TVET space. In addition, building business plans and cash flow projections as a prerequisite for accessing financing sources. GlobalCfoLLC targets accounting standards compliance and theory, sound infrastructure /process mapping, and COSO 2013-17/solid internal controls and last but not least documentation Policy and Procedures and other manuals. Additionally, interim-CFO services are offered as well as training at all levels and all functions, not just accounting; e.g. management, soft-skills, and leadership skills. Pre/Post-M&A is also offered. He has also created a beginner's training program in accounting and bookkeeping, partnered with ODEM, and modeled after the ACCA (Association of chartered certified accountants) foundation program syllabus. These are classes designed for absolute beginners and are live, instructor-led, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions. The program could also be of great interest to entrepreneurs and it’s also perfect for TVET (technical and vocational education and training) programs.
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