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Colombo Plan Staff College

Member profile title: Colombo Plan Staff College
Category: EducationEducation
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Address: Metro Manila, Pasig City, Building C, Department of Education Complex, Meralco Avenue
Contact person: Picture of Ramhari LamichhaneRamhari Lamichhane
The Colombo Plan Staff College for Technician Education (CPSC) is  a unique Inter-Governmental Organization (IGO), which consistently addresses issues in Technical and Vocational Education & Training in the Asia and the Pacific region. It is an autonomous specialized agency of the Colombo Plan. It was established on December 5, 1973 at the 23rd Consultative Committee Meeting of the Colombo Plan held in Wellington, New Zealand to assist the member countries of the Colombo Plan in developing and enhancing their technician education systems. It became operational in 1974 with the Republic of Singapore serving as the first host Government. In January 1987, CPSC moved to Manila, Philippines upon the invitation of the Philippine Government.   The purpose of the Staff College is to improve the quality of technical education and training in the Colombo Plan region. This is done by meeting the needs for technician education of teacher educators and trainers and senior staff in the field, who can play a more active part in in-service training and staff development.
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