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Conselho Empresarial do Tamega e Sousa

Member profile title: Conselho Empresarial do Tamega e Sousa
Role(s) in Skillman Network: No RoleNo Role
Address: Porto District, Felgueiras, 4610 108
Contact person: Picture of Paulo DinisPaulo Dinis
The Tamega and Sousa’s Business Council (CETS) is a non-profit Business Association, located in the NUT III Tamega, and is a legal organization of unlimited duration. It gathers 12 business associations (Amarante, Baiao, Castelo de Paiva, Celorico de Basto, Cinfaes, Felgueiras, Lousada, Marco de Canaveses, Paços de Ferreira, Penafiel, Resende and Vila Meã in North of Portugal), from 11 municipalities. The region is structured in 2 sub regions. One of them is Baixo Tâmega and includes 6 municipalities with less populational density (average of 29.000 inhabitants). CETS constitution followed a regional competitiveness forum in 2011 that highlighted the need for all associations and municipalities to work more closely in order to define a common smart specialisation strategy. CETS aims specifically the sustainable development of the region promoting its socioeconomic progress. Particularly, CETS conducts joint actions with the regions municipalities regarding entrepreneurship, investment, business assistance and training and employment.
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