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Danijela Manic

Member profile title: Danijela Manic
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Address: City of Belgrade, Belgrade, Beograd
Contact person: Picture of Danijela ManicDanijela Manic
I am an English teacher in Aviation Academy, teaching GE and ESP for the last 15 years. I have graduated in English language and literature from Faculty of Philology, Belgrade University in 2000. I have done my MA in English linguistics and PhD degree at the same faculty. My doctoral thesis involves methodology, applied linguistics in the field of CLIL and TBLT. My main interest is to develop criteria for assessing tasks in TBLT and to design descriptors for evaluating content and language at the same time in the context of vocational school. I am a certified Aviation English examiner and rater according to ICAO (International Civil Avaitaion Organisation) standards and scale. I have designed the manual for conducting Aviation English test in my organization. I have held many aviation language courses for airport personnel (both civil and military). In my school, I am the coordinator of the In-service teacher training Team and lead colleagues on the way of their professional development. I was the coordinator of LLP PETALL project in the school, and consortium member of the same project representing my school along with PhD prof Julijana Vuco, the coordinator of the project in her institution, Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade. Currently, I am the Erasmus project team coordinator in my school and I am in the charge of bilingual teachin/learning, as well. I have organized a few meetings (round tables, seminars, conferences) on the topic of bilingual education, introducing and spreading the idea of multilingual Europe with respect to European educational language policy.
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