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EDUFONS - Center for lifelong education

Member profile title: EDUFONS - Center for lifelong education
Category: EducationEducation
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Address: Vojvodina, Novi Bečej, Narodnog fronta 18
Contact person: Picture of Biljana BanjacBiljana Banjac
“EDUFONS“ is a non-governmental and non-profit civil society organization which was established to strengthen social community through lifelong education, informing, promotion of active democratic citizenship, respect for diversity and earning key competences. Our mission is: To contribute to the strengthening of the community through the promotion of democratic citizenship, positive valuation differences and non-formal educational programs creating the best conditions for lifelong learning for all citizens. The organization is concerned with improving youth policies, and adult education with special emphasis on marginalized groups. The organization fosters and advocates volunteerism as a master builder form of activism based on the ideas of self-help, mutual aid and philanthropy. In our work, we use tools of non-formal education and methods of intercultural learning. EDUFONS through its activities performs a permanent impact on the society and urges the necessity of acquiring key competences for the exercise of everyone's rights to education with the belief that education has fundamental role in the development of every person and decisive impact on the social and economic development of the community. We advocate freedom, equality and solidarity for everyone and a society in which people have control over their lives, in an economic and every other way. This is achieved by spreading knowledge about social relations in the modern world and creating a space for critical analysis, encouraging cooperation and dialogue in the region and Europe, developing different concepts. Edufons has many contacts with VET schools and with youth groups with geografical and economical obstacles in Serbia.
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