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Fabio Croci

Member profile title: Fabio Croci
Category: EducationEducation
Role(s) in Skillman Network: No RoleNo Role
Membership: Person, Gold
Address: Tuscany, Pistoia, Via Niccolò Puccini, 80
Contact person: Picture of Fabio CrociFabio Croci
  • Project Manager of (Erasmus+ Sector Skill Alliance – Automotive 2015-2017) and other funded European projects (Erasmus+, Erasmus Young Entrepreneurs, Interreg Marittime, Interreg MED)
  • Design dissemination contents and materials and coordination of dissemination events
  • Bid Writer for Erasmus+ (KA2 and KA3), EuropeAid, COSME and national funding
  • TVET Researcher and Project design in vocational training, employment services, social inclusion, equal opportunities,
  • Concept of the e-learning framework
  • Planning, managing and tracking all project elements (definition, development, validation, launch, continuous improvement, PCM - project cycle management implementation)
  • Designing and delivering of piloting activities with groups of learners and mobility students
  • Consultant for ISO 9001:2015 in the field of labour policies and training services.
Roster DB information
Mobility options: None
TVET (Technical Vocational Education and Training): No
Languages spoken:

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