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Festo Ltd - industry

Member profile title: Festo Ltd - industry
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Address: Northamptonshire, Northampton, Applied Automation Centre
United Kingdom
Contact person: Picture of Babak JahanbaniBabak Jahanbani
Financially independent, acting holistically and with a focus on people: at the family-owned company Festo, people think in generations – not in business years.

Financially independent

Festo is an internationally operating family-owned company in its third generation, which covers its financial needs by its own means. Because of that, we are not bound by the capital market, but solely our customers, employees and business partners. This enables us to plan over the long term even in dynamic markets and to do business in a sustainable manner.

Socially committed

As a family-owned company, we act from a holistic perspective. We take responsibility for our actions globally and locally, and want to contribute to the quality of life and conservation of resources where we operate with new technologies, knowledge and education.
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