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Address: Marmara, Istanbul, Merkezefendi Mahallesi
Contact person: Picture of duygu furuncuduygu furuncu
Press Advertising Agency was established in 1961 with the law numbered 195. The Press Advertising Agency, which is established to mediate the publication of official advertisements and advertisements in newspapers and magazines, is a public legal entity. The administrative structure of the institution consists of the General Assembly, the Board of Directors, the General Directorate and the Branches. In addition, the Auditors who are elected from among the members of the General Assembly and composed of three persons audit the financial, administrative and all other affairs and transactions of the Institution on behalf of the General Assembly. The tasks for which the institution is charged are carried out from the Center located in Istanbul. There are 41 branch offices in Turkey. Apart from this, there are also tasks and responsibilities in the development and training of journalism in Turkey in international platforms. At this point, it also carries out international associations and related associations. The number of newspapers that have the right to publish official announcements of the Press Advertising Agency is approximately 638. The number of newspapers / magazines in which announcements and advertisements are published outside official advertisements is around 800. These newspapers are followed by a total of 388 staff. The institution is trying to fulfill the projects aimed at improving the media sector in terms of social responsibility, which is charged on behalf of the public, outside the administrative duties. The services are carried out in the context of organizing educational organizations or publishing cultural publications for the development of the press employees. In view of the fact that the media sector will be the future of digital media actors in the future, the PAA emphasized encouraging efforts to integrate the print media into this media. Apart from that, media literacy and support of the work of young journalists have carried out many studies in recent years. Project department has been established within the Directorate regarding the increase of the quality of the works. These Works: -Within the framework of the cooperation protocol with KOSGEB, a special grant call for young people has been published in order to support entrepreneurship in the media sector throughout the country. -It develops and implements local authority programs on media literacy. -It supports the process of inclusion at the integration point of the Syrians and carries out studies on the prejudice breaking. -İt is currently working on content about the new internet law on digital news reporting in the new media format. At this point, under the Erasmus + Program, KA3 project is being carried out by policy makers to get opinions of young journalists about the issue.(project is continue.) -In cooperation with the universities, it performs information seminars on the media sector. -Within the framework of the cooperation protocol with Turkish Emloyment Agency (İŞKUR), the young unemployed journalists are conducting orientation and informing activities to find jobs in the media sector. The development of the PAA media sector, the use of the media as an important tool in the democratic process, and at this point, especially young people, Many studies on the strengthening of masses are carried out within the framework of legal authority. In this respect, it is not only a supervisory and regulatory institution, but a service-based institution. Wide masses are reached within the scope of studies. The number of daily site visits is 140.000 in the online site and dissemination activities. This is an indication that the PAA is addressing a wide range of people at national level. In Turkey, Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) is working in cooperation with the important institutions of the national scale on media literacy. These institutions are also members of the PAA steering committee.
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