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Goblis Foundation

Member profile title: Goblis Foundation
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Address: Kilifi County, Gede, Bomani
Contact person: Picture of Isaac WaithakaIsaac Waithaka

Goblis Foundation is registered as a Non-Profit Entity and is responding to the dual crises of youth unemployment and climate change by creating an enabling environment to inspire hope under which young people from vulnerable and underserved backgrounds can act on their own behalf to uplift themselves and their communities from poverty. We are a youth empowerment and development organization on a mission to improve the socio-economic wellbeing of young people living in vulnerable and underserved communities in Kenya. Founded in the year 2018 on a model of community ownership, we take an innovative approach to community empowerment with a purpose to drive the renewal of the young people from underserved communities in Kenya so that future generations may thrive. This community-led approach has led to the empowerment of community social entrepreneurs by participating in sustainable projects that contribute to the quality of life and independence of individuals and communities. In doing so, the young people will rise up and take the first step into a hope-filled future to improve their quality of life through system-shifting impacts on their communities.

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Goblis Foundation
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Goblis Foundation
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Goblis Foundation
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Goblis Foundation
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Goblis Foundation
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