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Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce

Member profile title: Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce
Role(s) in Skillman Network: No RoleNo Role
Address: West Midlands, Birmingham, 75 Harborne Rd
United Kingdom
Contact person: Picture of David TomalinDavid Tomalin
The GBCC has a well-established corporate brand coupled with many years of history and success as a leading business support organisation. Our brand is strongly influenced by our mission, vision and values – understanding what the Chambers stand for and what we can offer our members, clients, stakeholders and employees alike is fundamental in ensuring our success and long term sustainability. Our five core values (the 5 C’s) were identified by a working group from across the organisation as those that best represented our work ethics and unique organisational culture. Our Values form part of our everyday working life and influence our behaviour at all levels through our interactions with customers - both internal and external.
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