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Hayme Ana Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi

Member profile title: Hayme Ana Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi
Category: EducationEducation
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Address: Ankara, Ankara, Ertuğrulgazi Mahallesi
Contact person: Picture of Alper MetinAlper Metin
Hayme Ana Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi (HAMTAL) is a public vocational secondary school for girls. The school is located in the city centre of Ankara, the capital of Turkey. It has been founded this year and received its first students. As a vocational school only for girls, there are departments of Food and Beverage Services, Accounting and Finance, Child Development and Training, Public Relationships and Organisation. The school has good physical facilities, a new building and laboratories for these departments. Child Development and Training Department has a separate building in the garden of the school to be used as a practice kindergarten for students. Due to new arrangements in Turkish Education and University System, vocational schools do not only give vocational training, but they also educate students for higher levels of education in different areas. So the students are also given general secondary education and Science and Maths courses. As it is a new school, at the moment HAMTAL has 20 teachers, 2 directors and 180 students. In a few years the school will have over 1000 students and 60 teachers. The school is rich with social and cultural activities. Being a vocational secondary school at the heart of Ankara, the school will have close relationships with the business life in many sectors. Almost all of the students will have hands on trainings in the business sector and teachers will visit them every week at their areas. School’s facilities and ateliers make it appropriate for courses and studies for young people. Success level of students in STEM courses is very low, so it will be a good opportunity to test the affect of new approaches on these areas. As a school founded this year, the school will have experiences in projects from now on. But the key personnel have that experience to lead the school. Alper Metin He is an English teacher at the school. He has BA from Hacettepe University, Department of English Language and Literature and has Master degree from İstanbul University, Department of English Language and Literature. He has been working as an English teacher in public schools in Turkey for 15 years. He is experienced in translation, he is competent in computers and ICT usage in teaching. He also has got experience in European Union Projects. He has worked as the contact person three ÊU projects; namely a Comenius School Partnership Project named CREA and a Comenius Network Project named ICTWays and a KA3 project “E-City”. The last one of these projects, e-City, was a serious game which aimed to direct secondary school students to engineering areas. Alper Metin had a role in development and dissemination of eCity. Due to his efforts, the game was published in official content sharing website of Turkish Ministry of Education, EBA, with 16 million members from teachers and students. eCity was only clicked on EBA for 70 thousand times in 4 months. With his close relationships in Innovations Department of the Ministry he has the capacity to disseminate project outcomes in an effective way. Arif Ekinci is the director of Hayme Ana Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi. He is a graduate of Gazi University Vocational Educational High School, Department of Accounting and Finance Teaching. He has MA from Educational Management, Inspection, Planning and Economy and he is in the thesis phase of his second master program on Management in Gazi University. His last 20 years has passed as a school director in different schools. All of these schools were vocational high schools. He has lots of awards and Project experience. He has worked in Legislative studies of the Ministry of National Education between 2003-2010. He attended preparation and application studies of the Ministry and Tourism sector. He attended more than 50 seminars on Educational Management and Project Applications in Turkey and he served as Training Personnel for in-service training of the Ministry of National Education. He attended conference and workshops in Ireland (2006), Italy (2007), Estonia (2008) and Croatia (2009) on projects. Some of his domestic projects are “Pedestrians First”, “Paraplegia Association’s social responsibility”, “Education without school bell”. Some of his Project studies abroad include Leonardo da Vinci Tourism training programs between 2004-2010 with partners from the Netherlands, UK, Spain, Portugal and Estonia, and partnership projects with European Vocational High Schools with partners from UK, the Netherlands and Portugal. He was a speaker in Netherlands Colo and Members seminar on transfer of experience to Vocational Competency Institution and he made a presentation on “the Sector and Non-Governmental Organisations”. Arif Ekinci speaks English and he is also competent in technology.
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