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Hellenic Industry Steering Committee

Member profile title: Hellenic Industry Steering Committee
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Address: greece, Athens, Xenofontos 5
Contact person: Picture of Kyriakos FilinisKyriakos Filinis
SEV – Hellenic Federation of Enterprises has consistently fostered business development in Greece since 1907. It is the independent voice of businesses, representing a broad spectrum of the country’s economic activity, including manufacturing and services.

A transformation leader

As the largest business network in Greece, SEV plays a leading role in the country’s transformation into a productive, outward-looking and competitive economy. Our broad membership, including 400 of the largest corporations in Greece, gives us the advantage of broad and informed perspective coupled with the power to be proactive and responsive.

A key partner in the social dialogue

As a social partner dedicated to good governance and competitiveness as springboards for economic growth and social progress, SEV participates in the national and European social dialogue and represents the interests of organized business. SEV works with government, social partners and policy makers to shape conditions that foster entrepreneurship, advance business and drive economic growth.

A powerful representative of the Greek business community

SEV is dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship by lobbying for sound policies consistent with a business-friendly environment. SEV engages in the public debate by making recommendations, crafting policies and providing analyses of economic and business issues.

An effective networking actor

SEV enables its members to meet with and hear from peers, political leaders and other decision makers, banks, institutions, potential business partners and investors, both locally and internationally. Our networking events and services facilitate the sharing of ideas, experiences and new business opportunities, and provide our members with the connections they need to compete and prosper.

A knowledge creator

SEV provides its members with premium access to market data and trends – including detailed analyses and economic and legal briefings – and regularly organises sector-specific conferences. Members also get timely access to information on developments affecting the operation and prospects of their businesses on the national and international level.
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