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ICreate Africa

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Address: Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Plot 265, S.E.Asebe Street, off Ahmadu Bello Way, Mabushi
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iCreate Africa is hub for skills development and entrepreneurship with a mandate to curb youth unemployment and foster economic growth.

Our goal is to create 4 million jobs by 2030 by empowering youths with the skills to solve problems and transform big ideas into products, turning job seekers into job creators.

We achieve this by using the following tools: iCreate Skills Competition, Workforce Accelerator, Policy & Research, Technology Laboratory, Media Publisher, and Social Capital Fund.


To prepare Africa’s young workforce youths for the global opportunities ahead by equipping them with the skills for the future.


To see an Africa equipped with a skilled workforce to utilize its natural resources and take the lead in global discourses.


ICreate Skill Competition - Also called the Olympics of Skills, an annual event promoting skills excellence while raising the profile and recognition of skilled professionals.
iCreate Skills Park & Hubs - A modern skill community that provides equipped co-working space, training and workshop facilities, and acceleration for skilled workers.
Skills & Talent Management Branding and business services for skilled workers.
ICreate Skills App A digital one-stop shop for skilled services, connecting users to a credible skilled workforce across various industries.
iCreate Skills Funds - Providing training scholarship for TVET teachers through exchange programs and international partnerships.
iCreate Skills Magazine – A prestigious media publication promoting a positive image of skills in the mainstream.
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