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Role(s) in Skillman Network: No RoleNo Role
Address: Madrid, Madrid, Calle de Orense
Contact person: Picture of EMILIA MARTINEMILIA MARTIN
INDEPENDENT TRADE UNION CONFEDERATION-FETICO - is a trade union created in 1979 to represent the interests of Spanish employees in the commerce sector. Since then FETICO has become one of the main union in Spain with more than 65.000 afliates. Nowadays FETICO is a multi-sectoral organization representing workers from all sectors of the economy. FETICO has national scope and brings together 14 regional federations. Its headquarter is in Madrid but the organization has representation in all the Spanish regions and  offices in more than 31 cities. The main aimand priority of FETICO is to improve working and social conditions of workers. FETICO advocates social dialogue as key element to achieve this objective. FETICO encourages social progress values such as solidarity, equality and cohesion. Our scope of work can be structured in the following areas of activity: Social dialog and Collective bargaining FETICO is a social agent with voice in the social dialogue that participates in the negotiation, consultation and exchange of information between representatives of governments, employers and workers on issues of common interest for workers. The collective bargaining agreements signed by FETICO involve more than 400.000 workers in Spain. Training  FETICO has a wide expertise in the field of training: - Identifying continually the training needs in the commerce sector trough sectoral research studies. - Collaborating with national and regional public bodies and other social agents in the development of vocational training policies and initiatives. - Promoting the recognition and certification of competences acquired through non-formal or informal learning or through the professional experience. - Detecting emerging professions and new competences required in the labour market Employment Fetico is deeply involved in the activation of the labor market in Spain. We have a service of guidance in employment issues in which we provide professional support and assistance  especially to those groups with special dificulties to enter o re-enter the labour market as young people without job experience, long-term unemployed adults and low-skilled workers. Health and safety at work FETICO promotes a safe and healthy working environment in the work place providing information, training and advice about labour risk prevention and occupational health and safety standards, legislation and best practices. Equality and non-discrimination FETICO works to promote equality in the workplace trough actions and measures to encourage gender equality, reconciliation of work, personal and family life, management of diversity and labour integration of disadvantage groups. Corporate Social Responsibility-CSR Our aims go further than the defence of the labour issues. We are aware of our responsibility with the reality in which we live. FETICO has a specific area called “Social Commitment” in which we support activities which try to produce a positive impact on society. Fetico participates in a wide range of national and European networks, projects and initiatives to promote the exchange of information, dialogue and mutual learning with other organizations in those topics of interest for our institution. Fetico has  experience in the management of EU founded projects both as partner and as leader.
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TVET (Technical Vocational Education and Training): No
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