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Indeson GmbH - Getting Competent

Member profile title: Indeson GmbH - Getting Competent
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Address: Thuringia, Nohra, Am Niederanger 4A
Contact person: Gunnar BindaGunnar Binda
Investing in education is a top priority for most individuals, families, and even the government. Education is the way to break the cycle of poverty and reach human potential. But why, despite all investments and efforts, do young people leave school unprepared for the world of work and life? As Indeson and a member of the Getting Competent family, we believe the answer to this question is to change the way education is organized and delivered, and that educators and educational institutions are at the heart of that transformation. We'll help you create something that can do more than just look good on paper. As an international consulting and service company, we advise and support in all phases of our customer needs in the areas of professional training and competence development. Indeson supports the entire process of analysing training needs, course design, curriculum development, course support and evaluation, and quality management systems. We always work results-oriented in order to keep costs and complexity as low as possible, even in very complex challenges or business environments.
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