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Initiative Group Apbach Albania

Member profile title: Initiative Group Apbach Albania
Category: EducationEducation
Role(s) in Skillman Network: No RoleNo Role
Address: Tirana County, Tirana, Sheshi Skënderbeg
Contact person: Picture of Anteo PapaAnteo Papa
The main objectives of Initiative Group Alpbach Albania are: To promote information about the European Forum Alpbach among Albanian students and to encourage them to apply for and participate in the European Forum Alpbach; The establishment of a scholarship programme in order to send students to the European Forum Alpbach as participants; In pursuit of the objectives of the European Forum Alpbach, IG Alpbach Albania promotes European integration among young people in Albania; IG Alpbach Albania shall promote the general idea of the European Forum Alpbach in the territory of the Republic of Albania by organizing formal or informal events, such as panel discussion, fireside talks, workshops, symposium, expert meetings, conference, lecture discussions, round tables and forums related to the topics of the European Forum Alpabch; Encouragement of the cooperation among young people on the national, regional and international levels, in particular cooperation between young people of the European countries. Promotion of peace and stability by student exchange programmes and science cooperation, discussions, symposiums, conferences and festivals in Albania, as well as supporting similar events abroad; Promotion of high level understanding among the citizens of different communities in Albania, providing help for an open liberal discussion and democratic dialog.
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Mobility options: None
TVET (Technical Vocational Education and Training): No
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