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Iniziativa Democratica

Member profile title: Iniziativa Democratica
Category: OtherOther
Role(s) in Skillman Network: No RoleNo Role
Address: Marche, Ancona, Via dell\' Industria
Contact person: Picture of Alessandro GaetaAlessandro Gaeta
"Iniziativa Democratica" is a non-governmental organization, founded on March 2011 and registered on October 2012 in Ancona, Italy. Iniziativa has almost 180 members all around Italy (70% of them are under35). Members of the organization are actively involved in organizing and creating youth projects, such as seminars, personal development and coaching trainings, youth exchanges, and a variety of projects in Italy and abroad. Our mission is encourage youth entrepreneurship and help youngsters to improve their skills .We work at local, national, European and international level. We work mainly with youngsters because we believe young people can be the change we need.

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