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Kasai UK Ltd

Member profile title: Kasai UK Ltd
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Address: Tyne and Wear, Washington, 2 Stephenson Rd
United Kingdom
Contact person: Picture of Joe SteeleJoe Steele

Established in 1991 as a joint venture between the Kasai Kogyo Co. LTD. of Japan and the French company J Reydel. In October 1995 Plastic Omnium acquired J Reydel and more recently in July 1999 Visteon acquired the interior automotive components division of Plastic Omnium, resulting in a joint venture between Kasai Kogyo and Visteon Automotive Systems Inc. In August 2012 Kasai Kogyo Co. Ltd purchased the shares of Reydel Ltd. More>>

During 2016 R-TEK LTD is changing identity to KASAI UK LTD to reflect its position as part of the international operation of Kasai. The parent offers advanced technology and highly skilled personnel from around the globe. This gives Kasai UK LTD an enviable support network.

KASAI UK LTD supplies high quality interior automotive components for Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK and Honda Manufacturing UK from its two plants in the UK.

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