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Kauno technikos profesinio mokymo centras

Member profile title: Kauno technikos profesinio mokymo centras
Category: EducationEducation
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Address: Kaunas County, Kaunas, V. Krėvės pr. 114
Contact person: Picture of Aida GruzinskieneAida Gruzinskiene
Kaunas technical vocational education centre (The Centre) was established in 2016 after the merging of two vocational schools (Kaunas builders’ training centre and Public institution Kaunas mechanical school). About 1700 students led by 127 teachers learn at our school. The centre consists of 6 departments: gymnasium department, transport, mechanic, small business organization, wood processing and construction. Students are offered lower-secondary education in gymnasium classes of technological trend, upper secondary and post-secondary non-tertiary education. There are in-service training and retraining courses for adults. Since the beginning of 2013 the sectoral practical training centre of woodworking technologies and furniture manufacturing innovation has been opened and at the end of 2015 the sectoral practical training centre of motor vehicle repair has been opened in the Centre. The centres are supplied with the latest modern technological equipment for practical training and work-based learning in vocational education and training. The sectoral practical training centres provide practical vocational training for any person who wants to gain professional qualification and develop skills. Teaching resources are available in the digital environment in order to improve the quality of learning, to make interactive schemes, drafts and technologies to conduct particular experiments implemented with an illustrative visual aid (a video) of a certain operating principle. There are also innovation centre of welding and plumbing, occupied with modern equipment for practical training of plumbers and welders. The Centre cooperates with partners from Norway, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Latvia, Estonia, Italy etc. The school seeks to train highly-qualified specialists who strive for self-improvement, are oriented to the changes in the labour market and the development strategy of Lithuania. International cooperation is one of the school underlying areas. The goal of cooperation is to provide the opportunity for teachers to improve qualification, participate in international projects, exchange experience with partners from abroad, enable students to have internship at foreign companies, and ensure that the Centre trains high quality specialists. The Centre also cooperates with 11 Kaunas and Kaunas region labour exchanges training unemployed people according to formal adult vocational education and training programs and informal education programs.
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