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Kirklareli ILMEM

Member profile title: Kirklareli ILMEM
Category: EducationEducation
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Address: Marmara, Kırklareli, Kocahıdır Mahallesi
Contact person: Picture of Harun TAHTACIHarun TAHTACI
KArklareli Provincial National Education Directorate, ILMEM, is a public institution, headed by the Ministry of National Education. It is the regional authority which is responsible of all formal and non-formal educational activities in Kırklareli and its provinces. ILMEM plans, executes, develops and evaluates the education and training activities of all levels (in pre-school, primary -secondary – high schools including vocational and technical and adult education) ILMEM is a roof organization including 324 schools, (17 pre-schools, 83 primary, 74 secondary, 50 high schools including vocational and technical high schools,2 counselling and research centres (RAM),1 Science and Art Centre for superior kids (BİLSEM),1 Advanced Technical School for Girls and 8 Public Education Centres. All these schools mean 49705 students, 2672 classes and 3365 teachers. The figures of students per class are; in pre-schools 26, in primary schools 13, in secondary schools 23, in high schools 20 in the city. ILMEM gives various administrative services like; - Education Services (guidance service, basic education, vocational education, religion education, - Long – life learning, Special Education Needs, Adult/Public Education) - Human resources, Construction and Real Estate, Civil Defence Service, Strategic Plan Service, & EU and National Project Research and Development (AR-GE) service ICT Service and Supporting - Job Security Service, Law Service - Investigation Service, -Press and Public Relation Service. Directorate implements projects (mainly within the frame of European Programmes , Local and National Organisations as well as Civil Society Organizations and NGO in Kırklareli ) for different people involved in Education including students, teachers, parents, adults and disabled organizing seminars, conferences and in-service training courses. ILMEM is the EURODESK point of Kırklareli Province. ILMEM is accredited of EVS (European Voluntary Service) as sending and coordinating organisation.
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