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Menemen Erdinc Ahmet Cengiz Mesleki Egitim Merkezi

Member profile title: Menemen Erdinc Ahmet Cengiz Mesleki Egitim Merkezi
Category: OtherOther
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Address: Aegean, Menemen, Kasımpaşa Mahallesi
Contact person: Gulgun AYTUGGulgun AYTUG
Menemen Erdinç Ahmet Cengiz Vocational Training Centre is a public body based in Turkey (Izmir). It’s provided for those who have not been able to continue their education after primary education or who have been left out of formal education for various reasons. The organization gives certificates who finishes his/her course with a good grade. It provides education for 8 major fields: Automotive technology, metal technology, electric electronics technology, furniture and interior design, accommodation and travel services, machine technology, beauty and hair care services and catering services. The training system includes two main dimensions: theoretical (school training) and practical (in-company training). Theoretical education takes place at center for one day a week. Practical training takes place at workplaces in real production environments for five days a week. The general aims of center are to educate the young people as manpower for manufacturing sector and to improve their skills to get in labour market. We encourage our young people to take a more active role in their local economy and society. Our main duty is to improve the social and working conditions of people, especially young people seeking their first job. For that we create relations with sector. We promote quality job occupations for young people. Also we support youths in making complex decisions and facing difficult situations.

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