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Pasquale Aiello

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Address: Campania, Napoli, Via Michelangelo da Caravaggio 143
Contact person: Picture of Pasquale AielloPasquale Aiello
President at Ente Nazionale per la Trasformazione Digitale, Strategist, Emotional Intelligence Project Manager, Data Scientist, Ethical Researcher and Trendsetter, Author, e-Leader
Technology must be driven by the human factor multiplier in order to generate Innovation, Change, conscious and shared Growth. Not vice versa "If each person grows and helps others grow within a society based on healthy values, knowledge, information, training and professionalism in acting, even the last bastion of an unbalanced system collapses." The goal is to transfer to citizens, businesses, entrepreneurs, educators and all the people who have a social responsibility, the culture of change and the spirit of collaboration with a solid ethical and professional foundation and integrated and synergistic skills, in order to accelerate and optimize interventions to prevent, anticipate and address the sudden social and economic changes of our country.
Precisely for the stability of Italy, as a member state of the European Union, it is indispensable that each Person grows and helps others to grow within a society based on healthy values, knowledge, information, training and professionalism in acting. In this way, even the last bastion of an unbalanced system collapses. In order to achieve this goal, it is essential that the process of digital and cultural transformation starts from within and vertically involves all the actors of the national ecosystem. It is necessary the constant Analysis and Research of the convergence between Technology, People, Processes, Sociocultural and Socioeconomic Phenomena. After years of Research, Development, Field Testing, thanks also to best practices and methodologies adopted in other countries, we have rebuilt organizational models in our country, reversing the order of some factors and using technologies and ethical methodologies, in a conscious, inclusive and adaptive way: Actor: Man Methodology: give people the freedom to make choices and activities that create perceived value and immediate involvement. Productivity, economic gratification, personal and professional will be only the physiological result in an ecosystem, Innovative, Inclusive, Interactive, Communicative and Rewarding in favor of the "Virtuous".
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