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Prikkle Academy

Member profile title: Prikkle Academy
Category: EducationEducation
Role(s) in Skillman Network: No RoleNo Role
Address: Kwara, Afon, Prikkle Academy
Contact person: Picture of Damilola FasorantiDamilola Fasoranti
Prikkle Academy establishes rural innovation hubs (makerspaces) that stimulate and inspire young people to collaborate, identify the social problems within their community, freely choose their own tools and become problem-solvers through virtual and peer-to-peer learning. We use TVET, asset-based and design thinking learning approach to create the mindset and social change in the way young people learn, create and solve problems at our We remove all the barriers that make it difficult for learning to be transformed into action. We believe that quality, tailored, relevant and anticipated education is the bedrock for any sustainable development in the world.
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Mobility options: None
TVET (Technical Vocational Education and Training): No
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Prikkle Academy
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Prikkle Academy
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