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Save Youth Future Society

Member profile title: Save Youth Future Society
Category: EducationEducation
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Address: gaza, gaza, Cannot determine address at this location.
Contact person: Picture of Bahaa FaresBahaa Fares
SYFS aspires to take a leading role in developing a youth-led civil society where creative and dynamic youth act as change makers within the society. Since its establishment in 2001 in the Gaza Strip, SYFS is an independent non-governmental organization that invests in development of Palestinian youth’s potential and strengthens their role in determining their life goals, and in leading the social change. In doing so, SYFS supports enforcement of youth identity, loyalty, and citizenship through outstanding and comprehensive approach in education, economic empowerment, and capacity development. Four strategic objectives are being addressed through four main programs. Civic Participation Program seeks to enhance youth active engagement in the community and society. Goal of the Economic Empowerment Program is to improve economic conditions of youth in the Gaza Strip by tackling the highest in the world unemployment rate. Education Program aims at increasing the quality of education services provided to children and youth in the Gaza Strip. Last but not least, Capacity Development Program intends to expand capacities of SYFS and Partner NGOs to ensure the best delivery of services to youth.
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