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Tobby Vision Computers Vocational Training Centre Bambui

Member profile title: Tobby Vision Computers Vocational Training Centre Bambui
Category: EducationEducation
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Address: Northwest, Bamenda, Mile 6 Mankon
Contact person: Picture of Cornelius TAWONGCornelius TAWONG
Tobby Vision Computers Vocational Education and Training Center Bambui located in Tubah Sub Division, Mezam Division in the North-West Region of Cameroon. The institute was founded on the 9th of February 2002 with a vision to train with practical skills and improve the lives of students and their families and with a mission to boost high quality practical technological education for employment and poverty alleviation. Since 2012 we are officially recognized by the Ministry of Education. From 2012 to 2019 the institute has enrolled and trained 842 students in technical skills necessary to become successful in its different departments namely; Administrative Assistants, Graphic & Web Designers, Computerized Accounting, Computer Maintenance and Repairs, Computer Programming, Entrepreneurship. We were awarded a certificate of recognition as the best model Technical, Vocational Education Training Center for the 21st Century in Africa in 2015 by the African Union Commission. Additionally, we won the best training institute award of the year in 2016 from the national media in Cameroon despite the limited equipment and uncomfortable school premises. We have participated in 2015, 2016, 2017 in the School Enterprise Challenge and won certificates for the school and students. Now we are looking to take the next development step. In August and September 2017, we have had various workshops to develop out strategy and resulting projects, this process was facilitated with the support of Olaf Seidel, A&O Business Enablement who kindly donated his time. We identified various areas in which we would like to further professionalize and grow to be able to teach and train more students in more career-oriented courses. The to be developed departments are Agriculture, Woodwork Processing and Carpentry, Auto repairs, Electricity, Fashion Design, and Clothing. Despite a very promising business case, mainly due to the lack of suitable funding options in Cameroon we currently aim to do this in a step to step approach involving different Financing models and stakeholders. We are looking for partners and support, to provide funds and/or equipment, for the construction of a modern campus, digital as well as workshop practice equipment to enable better hands-on training
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