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Valentina Disoska

Member profile title: Valentina Disoska
Category: EducationEducation
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Address: Greater Skopje, Skopje, Boulevard Ilinden 42
North Macedonia
Contact person: Picture of Valentina DisoskaValentina Disoska

Valentina Disoska is an entrepreneur and a manager of her own company since 2000,  company that offers consulting and software development, multimedia, marketing and online sales. Also a president of the Association of Business Women since 2010, as well as a founder of several non-governmental organizations in Macedonia and the region. As an architect by profession, she considers that the vocational education is the most important for the development of a career. Valentina is also an EBRD consultant and very active in the society as a fighter for gender equality, especially for the development of women entrepreneurship. CEFE trainer and ECVET expert for development. She is a founder of the IT Chamber of the Union of Chambers of Commerce of Macedonia, Founder of the Association for e-Commerce of Macedonia AETM, consultant and expert at the EBRD for software development and online sales. She is a founder of the Balkan Coalition of Business Women, a member of the World Association of Business Women (FCEM), a member of the Organization of Women Entrepreneurs from the Mediterranean (AFFAEME). As an expert, Valentina has part in the SBA assessment expert group at the ETF, been a speaker at the Beijing 2020 World Conference in Geneva in front of the EEK and UN, an ITC Torino Women Entrepreneurship Expert Team, Ambassador of the World Women's Entrepreneurship Day – WED, of the United Nations, for Macedonia, from 2015. Awards:

  • Flower of friendship, for development of regional cooperation in the field of women entrepreneurship - Association of business women Serbia
  • Promotion of Entrepreneurship in SEE, creators of the century – Perspectives
  • Expert for drafting of the National Strategy for Development of Women Entrepreneurship in the Republic of Macedonia
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Valentina Disoska
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