Topic outline

  • Learning outcome:

    Classification of composites and lightweights materials,aavanced inspection of composite structure damages, and selcetion of suitable inspection methods.


    • To differentiate between the different typologies and shapes of composite materials.
    • To carry out all inspection processes – search, detect and diagnose of structural failures.
    • To assess, estimate and classify damages for determination for further repairing process according to the working conditions.
    • To be able to give clearance after a routine check or composite changes (ex. birds strike, cracks, hits, lightening, corrosion etc.)


    • To know basic lightweights and composite materials properties.
    • To know the composite materials technologies (composition, types, properties, application…)
    • To know the damages types and resources of composite structures.
    • To know the basic Non-Destructive Testing methods and application.


    • To determine the lightweights and composite materials properties, that required for the inspection process.
    • To follow instructions provided by approved technical documentation.
    • To navigate in the composite manual
    • To follow instruction in using the Non-Destructive-Test techniques (NDT) and assessment of their strengths and weaknesses.

    • Syllabus of Unit-3

      Unit -3

                     Syllabus Title

      Inspection of composite structures


      Classroom hours

      Laboratory and practical hours

      1. Introduction to lightweights and composite materials.



      2. Composite Structures technology.

      2.1. Composite structural design

      2.2. Reinforcement fiber

      2.3. Matrix system






      3. Inspection techniques NDT



      Unit assessment 


      duration – hours



      Total unit duration

      14 hrs.  =  2 days



      Main hands-on content


      Demonstration of composite fiber types, monolithic and sandwich structure complexity build up.

      Introduction and using non-destruction inspection NDT method and selection..


      • References ,textbook, and manuals:

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