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Topic outline

  • Introduction

    Skillman, the challenges for VET in the EU and the need for cross-national recognition of competences between countries, educational systems and industries

    The purpose of this teacher’s methodological guide is to offer a framework for understanding, developing, conducting and evaluating competence-based training across industries and countries according to EU standards. The EU vocabulary, like ‘lifelong learning, EQF, NQF, permeability, utilization, stakeholders’ interests in education and accreditation’, is briefly outlined.   

    intro to ecvet ecvet toolkit ecvet examples

    For ECVET standards go to: ECVET toolkit

    • The EU’s educational vocabulary and context

    • Open Educational Resources or OER

    • The components of a well-functioning distance education system

    • Validation and OER

    • Teachers using OER: some pedagogical considerations

    • Teacher’s choice using OER: linking learning to life, work and future learning

    • Teacher’s choice using OER: feedback, test evaluation and goals, accessed learning

    • Curriculum templates (EQF / ECVET standards compliant)

    • References