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Skillman Network Roles


The National Board Members assume a role focused on fostering engagement and promoting the network at the national level. While their responsibilities are fewer in scope, they play a vital role in supporting the network's activities within their respective country.

Key Responsibilities:

1. National Engagement:

The National Board Member acts as a liaison between the Skillman Network and the members within their country. They facilitate communication, encourage participation, and promote collaboration among national members.

2. Network Promotion:

The National Board Member plays a crucial role in promoting the Skillman Network at the national level. They raise awareness, highlight network initiatives, and encourage participation in relevant events and activities.

3. Reduced Activities:

Unlike the International Board Member, the National Board Member may have a reduced number of specific activities. However, they actively contribute to the network's growth by participating in national-level discussions, sharing insights, and providing guidance to local members.

4. Coordination and Support:

National Board Members collaborate with other board members and the international team to ensure effective coordination and support for national initiatives. They assist in aligning national activities with the network's overall objectives.

While the National Board Member's responsibilities may be less extensive, their role remains crucial in fostering engagement and promoting the network's activities at the national level. By actively participating and advocating for the Skillman Network within their country, they contribute to the network's growth, collaboration, and success.