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Skillman Network Roles


Skillman Ambassadors play a pivotal role in raising awareness and promoting the attractiveness of the Skillman Network. These ambassadors are individuals and stakeholders who have demonstrated a tangible commitment to adopting and implementing the outcomes and deliverables of the network within their local or international contexts. 

Their functions include:

1. Representation and Advocacy:

Skillman Ambassadors act as representatives of the Skillman Network, embodying its principles and ideas. They advocate for the network's objectives, values, and initiatives, promoting its vision and mission to relevant stakeholders, organizations, and communities.

2. Networking and Collaboration:

Ambassadors actively engage in networking activities, forging connections and collaborations with individuals, organizations, and institutions that align with the Skillman Network's goals. They foster partnerships, exchange best practices, and facilitate knowledge sharing to enhance the network's impact and reach.

3. Promotion of Skillman Outcomes:

Ambassadors showcase the outcomes and deliverables of the Skillman Network, highlighting their significance and impact. They communicate success stories, case studies, and practical applications of the network's initiatives, both locally and internationally, to inspire and motivate others to adopt similar approaches.

4. Image Building:

Ambassadors contribute to enhancing the image and reputation of the Skillman Network. They actively promote the network through various channels, including social media, professional networks, conferences, and events. Their efforts aim to increase visibility, credibility, and recognition for the network's contributions to the field of education and skills development.

Skillman Ambassadors play a crucial role in amplifying the impact of the network by championing its principles, promoting its image, and fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. Through their dedication and commitment, they contribute to the growth, influence, and sustainability of the Skillman Network, ultimately advancing the field of education and skills development on a local and global scale.